The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection in Wuhan has had a profound impact on all Canadians, but above all overseas Chinese with families in China. In response, several campaigns to help Wuhan have been launched. Groups including the Council of Newcomer Organizations, the Jiangsu Association of Canada and the Canadian Charity Foundation have raised funds and medical supplies to help fight the epidemic and support the people of Wuhan.

OTT Finance Group has also taken direct action. In response to the shortage of supplies experienced by medical teams in Wuhan, OTT Finance Group used its own resources to mobilize donations of critically needed goods and equipment and send them to China: these were shipped from Toronto to Wuhan on January 28, 2020. OTT Finance Group also donated $20,000 to help Wuhan fight the epidemic.

In times of crisis, it’s essential that we come together to offer aid. OTT Finance Group encourages Canadians, especially Chinese Canadians, to support Wuhan and China. Every donation will add up, and together, we can help fight this devastating epidemic.