Did you know that OTT Pay is now offering Esso Digital Gift Cards and Digital Fuel Discount Cards? You can purchase them through our Digital Gift Card platform in the WeChat Pay app.

·       Esso Gift Cards are a thoughtful gift for friends and family, especially if they’re travelling! Gift cards can be used for fuel, at the carwash, and for snacks and other travel essentials. They can also be reloaded, either in-store or online.

·      The Esso Price Privileges Card is a fuel savings card that gives drivers a cents-per-litre discount on every litre of fuel they buy. There are lots of options – you can select the discount value and amount of fuel that makes sense for you.

This is the first time in Canada that consumers can purchase an Esso Gift Card or Fuel Discount Card using RMB through WeChat Pay. This makes them especially popular with a growing customer base – Chinese immigrants, students and tourists!

Have you thought about offering a gift card or loyalty program for your business? Have you hesitated because of costs, or because a physical card offered in your store won’t do enough to boost your customer base? Digital eGift and Loyalty cards are the answer.

Just like the Esso Digital Gift Cards and Digital Fuel Discount Cards, OTT Pay will feature your eGift and Loyalty cards in the WeChat Pay and Alipay environments.  These are the places where Chinese consumers come to look for great deals and offers, so it’s a great way to boost visibility for your business, not just in Canada, but in China too!

Consumers will see your cards on the app and make purchases using their smartphones, and there are no fees for customers for purchasing or redeeming their eGift and Loyalty cards. Also, it’s easy for customers to send and reload cards as gifts – this is a popular option for families in China – and using the card is as simple as scanning a barcode on their phone.

Customers will enjoy the convenience of eGift and Loyalty cards, as well as the great discounts they can receive at your business! You’ll see increased customer loyalty, more traffic in your store, and above all, higher sales. Want to learn more about OTT Pay’s Digital Gift Card platform and our WeChat mini-program? Contact us today at customer.experience@ottpay.ca or by phone at 1-800-688-9838.