We are delighted to welcome one of our most recent partner clients, Ethan Allen. 

Ethan Allen is a prominent furniture retailer with an exceptional reputation and a high-end product line, and the company recognizes that digital payments are growing in popularity. Immigrants from China are one of Canada’s largest foreign-born populations, and students from China are currently the largest group of international students in Canada.

The partnership with OTT Pay will enable the company to offer the biggest Chinese mobile payment platforms, WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay QR Code at their Canadian locations.

This strategic initiative shows the strength of Ethan Allen’s interest in welcoming these Chinese shoppers to their stores. With more than 1 billion active users of Chinese digital payments, offering these popular platform solutions will help Ethan Allen establish itself as a prominent retailer in the category among this growing market. Because these super-apps automatically convert Chinese RMB into Canadian dollars, WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay make it easier for Chinese customers to know exactly how much they are spending. Offering Chinese digital payments can also remove barriers to spending for new arrivals, many of whom may not have access to western credit cards.

“OTT Pay is excited to launch this partnership with the well-known furniture brand Ethan Allen,” said Alex Liu, Chief Executive Officer of OTT Pay Inc. “Chinese consumers look for high-quality products with a great reputation. By choosing to offer WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay QR Code, Ethan Allen will raise their profile among Chinese consumers in Canada, and we’re looking forward to working with them to develop unique solutions that meet the needs of this growing market.