October is Small Business Month in Canada! OTT Pay is wrapping up a month dedicated to honouring Canadian entrepreneurs and celebrating small businesses.

Since 2017, OTT Pay has been supporting small businesses in Canada—helping them establish themselves and connect with customers. Whether you’re a small business entrepreneur arriving from China, a small business owner already operating in Canada, or a Chinese student looking to work as a self-employed professional, OTT Pay understands your reality and offers you the tools you need to succeed.

Here are 5 ways OTT Pay can help your small business thrive in Canada:

1.  Finding customers is the biggest challenge faced by small businesses. As an official authorized partner of Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay QR code in Canada, OTT Pay sets you up with China’s most popular mobile payment solutions. Having these payment options on hand is a sure way to attract a lot of customers, quickly.

2.   Retaining customers is how you increase revenue. Chinese customers will come back to your business because they can shop like they do at home, but that’s not enough. You need to build a strong relationship with them to achieve customer loyalty. Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay QR code are more than mobile wallets, they’re part of China’s largest social media networks. OTT Pay knows these platforms inside and out—for instance, which feature makes it easy to talk to your customers and answer their questions—creating that special bond. Your customers need to see you as more than a store or a website. They need to see you as a business that brings them value.

3.  Spreading brand awareness is key when launching new goods and services. It’s how you increase your market share, attract and retain customers, and boost your sales. OTT Pay gives you access to Alipay and WeChat Pay’s social advertising campaigns, so you can create engaging marketing content that appeals to Chinese customers.

4.  Managing cash flow is another challenge small business owners face. Mobile payment acceptance means getting paid faster. OTT Pay’s devices and online payment methods are a fast, secure and efficient way to collect payments. The OTT Pay App also lets you monitor your daily transactions, so you can spend more time growing your business instead of sending bills and tracking down payments.

5.   Managing workload is vital to overcoming fatigue. It’s no secret that owning a small business is time consuming. One of the key features of OTT Pay’s products and services is that they’re easy and straightforward. Clear training materials, quick reference guides, trilingual (Chinese, English, French) customer service, friendliness and availability—is what you can expect from our support team—so you can hand over that aspect of your business workload, and find the right pace for you.

OTT Pay is more than a smart payment provider. We’re all about finding solutions for customers and business owners alike. Ready to take advantage of the substantial Chinese consumer market in Canada? Register at customer.experience@ott.ca or give us a call at (+1)800-688-9838.