Your business accepts online payments from Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay. You also take advantage of their marketing campaigns to connect with customers, and you’re on the fast track to success on the Chinese consumer market. But what about taking it a step further by gaining powerful business insights?

The new OTT Pay App lets you do just that. Launched on October 1st, the app is a great addition to OTT Pay’s existing products and services. In just a few taps, you can access a dashboard on your phone that lets you monitor your daily operations. Let’s take a look at 3 features of the app that can benefit your business today.

1.    Reporting. Keeping track of your stores and employees’ performance is not a luxury but a necessity. The OTT Pay app can provide customized reporting to help you measure business performance against your targets, improve employee efficiency and increase your stores’ volume and revenue.

2.   Real-time Transaction Tracking. Processing payments from customers is key to running a successful business. With the OTT Pay app, you can track and monitor all transactions from online payments, the number of orders, amounts to be settled and refunds. You can also check that data by channel, time period, store and other filters. This feature makes processing payments easy, which will improve cash flow and give you more flexibility with your money.

3.   On-the-spot QR Codes. Being in sync with your customers is how you create a more personal buying experience. You can now use the app to generate QR codes with your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. You can scan your customers’ QR codes to accept payment in-store, create a QR code and send it to them online or generate QR codes that customers can use for in-store or online payment. This feature — combined with OTT Pay’s smart payment methods and marketing services — offers your business more promotional capabilities.

With Chinese tourists spending $2.4B annually in Canada, a growing number of Chinese students, and of course new immigrants — all of whom pay for everything with their mobile wallets — you’ll want to make sure your business stays on top of all these transactions.

The OTT Pay App is more than a payment and reporting tool. It provides your business with strategic insight about the sales and revenue generated by the Chinese consumer market. Don’t wait to add it to your OTT Pay arsenal. Questions about the app? Contact the OTT Pay Business Center at: or (+1) 800-688-9838.

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