We recently spoke with Diesel Wang from Robam about how OTT Pay has helped the company with their expansion into the Canadian market.
Why did Robam decide to expand into the Canadian market?
Everyday, nearly 15 million families around the world enjoy easy cooking with Robam range hoods and their powerful suction. Established in 1979, Robam provides many different kitchen appliances, including range hoods, gas stoves, steam ovens, electric ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and water purifiers. In its 40-year history, Robam has become an industry leader in development, market share, production and sales. Our range hoods have been ranked #1 in China for 21 consecutive years, and #1 worldwide for the past 4 years. Robam products have been selling well in China and in several overseas markets, and our range hoods and cooktops are the #1 selling product, so I think this is a great time to wow Canada!
Who is your target market?
Anyone who buys our products will have an improved cooking experience. We have a wide range of products that will fit into any kitchen, whether you live in an apartment, a condo, a townhome or a house. We aren’t limited to a specific category.
Our flagship store and showroom is open for business at 525 Denison St. in Markham, Ontario. There, customers can experience all our products on display. We also offer free consultations about how to improve the design of your kitchen.
Customers can also buy our products from our certified distributors. We currently have one in Ottawa and one in Vaughan at Improve Canada.
When you opened your business in Canada, why did you choose OTT Pay?
Robam is a famous brand in China. Because we’re working with OTT Pay, we know that our Chinese customers will be able to make purchases using WeChat Pay and Alipay, methods that they’re already very familiar with. I believe that offering WeChat Pay and Alipay will improve the shopping experience for our customers.
What else influenced your decision to choose OTT Pay?
We really appreciate that OTT Pay is part of a bigger financial group. It’s not only a payment processor, it’s also a community of vendors.
OTT Pay offers a web app based on WeChat. It’s a platform that lets merchants offer discounts, and customers can see what discounts or coupons are available at different retailers. It’s a great way for us to promote our business, and we even gave an exclusive offer to our OTT Pay customers. The OTT Pay platform helps us build awareness. We know that when OTT Pay followers go to the platform, they’ll get the latest news and see Robam’s banner. They’ll see that the brand has arrived in Canada, and they’ll learn about our promotions.
We also appreciate the other ways that OTT Pay helps us with marketing.  They reach out to other media platforms to promote our company. Over 200,000 people have already seen OTT Pay’s media about Robam.
How is OTT Pay helping Robam build their Canadian business?
We’ve introduced a new product line with two all-new range hoods for the Canadian market. Both of them are 30 inches, and they’re the perfect style to fit into standard cabinets. OTT Pay will help us spread the news about these new products in the market, and because many Chinese people use WeChat Pay and Alipay, when they find out that we offer these payment systems, they are more likely to come to our flagship store.
We are also very interested in WeChat Moment ads. OTT Pay is helping us by creating small ads that show our discounts and let us highlight our other activities. Whenever people use WeChat Moment, they’ll see our ads. Hopefully they will come and visit our showroom as a result.
We’re also encouraging our customers to share their user experiences on their WeChat Moments. We are about to launch a new program where users who provide an in-depth review will be rewarded.
What else would you like Canadian consumers to know about Robam and OTT Pay?
The Chinese way of cooking is very different from western cooking. There’s always a lot of smoke, and we have to use a lot of oil. I think that’s the reason why Robam is a great product for the Chinese community. And at first, because we’re famous in China, it’s going to be Chinese people who will buy our products. But we also want to let everyone in Canada know about what we offer. We believe that every person who enjoys cooking, and who wants to have a great kitchen environment, will want our products!
Robam has been around for 40 years. We’ve done lots of research and we’ve developed very good technology. I’m very proud of our products, and I’m excited to see how our great corporate relationship with OTT Pay will help our business in Canada.