Your business is constantly looking for cost-effective ways to increase revenue and streamline expenses. You know you can reach more Chinese customers by accepting leading mobile payment solutions. But do you also know you can grow your business using these platforms? Here are 5 ways apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay can help you achieve that goal:

CONVENIENT for your customers, and for you. Chinese people use mobile wallets daily for every aspect of their lives. It only makes sense that your business would offer Chinese customers the same buying experience they’re used to at home. Allowing them to feel comfortable paying for your goods or services at any time, in their own currency, is a win-win situation.

EASY to set up and affordable. Online stores only need to add a module to their current shopping cart software to accept mobile payment. Brick-and-mortar businesses will need a reliable internet connection and a terminal that accepts mobile payments. The terminal is the only piece of hardware required. You can get a low rental for your point-of-sale device, depending on the provider you’re working with.

EFFICIENT accounting. Introducing mobile payment solutions can help you streamline your accounting process. Everything is already in the system, so you spend less time on administrative tasks such as billing, invoicing, managing cash flow or recording transactions.

SECURE for clients and businesses. Online Security experts agree that e-wallets are more secure and reliable than credit cards. Tokenization to encrypt customer data, increased QR code security, strict authentication measures and customer education are initiatives developed by Alipay and WeChat to help reduce the possibility of fraud.

PERSONALIZATION. Mobile payments are easy and fast, but they also enhance the entire payment experience. Working with platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay lets you take advantage of their social advertising programs for merchants. You’ll be able to create content, launch targeted marketing campaigns, offer rewards and discounts — all connecting your business with Chinese customers.

Ready to embrace mobile payment solutions to grow your business? OTT Pay — authorized partner of Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay International in Canada — gives you the tools and support you need to offer Chinese customers their preferred payment methods. Contact us here to get started.