You already use Alipay and WeChat Pay to attract Chinese customers. But is your business reaching enough people on these platforms? Alipay and WeChat Pay are the world’s leading online payment systems, and they are an integral part of daily life in China.

Tap into their client base to attract more customers and you’ll generate a lasting brand presence and more revenue for your business. Here are three tips to boost your numbers of Alipay and WeChat Pay Chinese customers:

  1. Use online marketing. Alipay and WeChat Pay are social networks (not just transactional channels) and your content on these platforms must be developed accordingly. Product updates and reviews, pictures and video contests, and targeted banner ads on private, subscription and service accounts are great ways of engaging with existing and new customers.
  1. Participate in campaigns. Alipay and WeChat Pay have a number of big campaigns around key events in the Chinese calendar. Take advantage of these campaigns to create special QR codes, virtual wallet coupons, limited-time offers, exclusive deals, mini-programs and other initiatives that offer Chinese customers the tailored shopping experience they are looking for. This tip is important because it lets you convert brand awareness into consumer acquisition.
  1. Train your staff. Last but not least… train your sales team! Sales associates are the customers’ first point of contact and they act as brand ambassadors. Make sure they become experts at using Alipay and WeChat Pay through online courses and webinars. Involve them in your campaigns from the start and encourage them to keep abreast of what other brands and partners are doing on these platforms.

Alipay WeChat Pay are your gateway to China’s spending power.

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